Who am I


About me

Matteo Marinelli was born in Trieste on September the 7th, 2001, surrounded by delightful people in a particularly positive environment. The two characteristics that still identify him most are immediately evident: the love for social relationships and a very strong propensity for self-improvement.

Around 2017, mostly due to a lack of interest in the activities typically carried out by his peers, he began to take a serious interest in current news, politics, and economics, discovering his true passions and starting to actively look at his own future. In April 2018 he began to devote himself to political activism, inspired and captivated by the political-ideological currents of the moment and began to think about his first project: the Marinelli Project. In October 2018 he applied for the Provincial Council of Students of Trieste, winning them with 39% of preferences, and began to develop the Marinelli Project, which quickly received approval among the city institutes, reaching, within a few months, the attention of the regional government itself. Despite his project, he felt that young people still lacked that ambition and that look to the future characteristic of any happy and fulfilled person, and so he founded the Synapser association, which was created specifically to solve this problem.

Moving from an interest in politics to one in finance, Matteo quickly realized that there is an intrinsic connection between the two topics. He began to study the functioning of the economy and financial markets independently, taking advantage of the great opportunity offered by national lockdowns, finding himself extremely fascinated by this matter. In September 2020, he enrolled in the three-year degree program “International Economics and Financial Markets” at the University of Trieste. In September 2021 he resigned from the position of president of Synapser, moving towards the role of Head of Finance, in order to be able to devote more attention to finance. In 2022 he founded Blackink Research, a commercial activity created to make financial research accessible to anyone.

My goal

My dream is to finally see a society reborn because, at least for the last twenty years, it has been progressively decaying. I wish I could witness a young generation of men characterized by critical thinking, enough ambition to have the courage to push their limits, and enough intelligence to improve through the experience of discomfort. 

I believe in the power of people, and I am committed to ensure that it is able to emerge: by improving the one, you improve the whole society.


About my work

Every day we are faced with so many decisions to make, but we are not always in a position to make the best decision for our future. For a multitude of different reasons, in fact, the problems we face sometimes belong to sectors outside our sphere of competence: this leads us to think in a hurry, which never leads to anything good. For most people, this is especially true when it comes to financial decisions, be they investments or simple purchasing decisions.

MMG, of which Matteo Marinelli is the representative and administrator, was born to give a solution to this problem, offering a multitude of different services, including:

  1. Consulting on business strategy, especially regarding innovative tech startups;
  2. Macroeconomic and business research for investment purposes.

MMG also actively deals with active asset management, producing higher risk-adjusted returns through accurate investment selection and global macro strategy. The fund’s performances are transparent and publicly available here. Currently, MMG is not accepting new capital for its asset management business, but if the situation changes in the future, this will be immediately communicated.