matteo marinelli trieste

Matteo Marinelli

Investor, privacy activist and financial markets enthusiast

I am a university student of “International Economics and Financial Markets”, but also an active investor and aspirant financial analyst: if the game is all about the numbers, my edge is understanding the reasons behind those numbers. Or at least I try to. Until now, it worked pretty well, but I still have a lot to learn and study. I’m also an activist in the privacy field since the battle for net neutrality, fighting for better user experiences and data treatment. Luckily, since I’m in the EU, the fight is made easier by federal laws like GDPR, but we are far from escaping the “surveillance capitalism”. Finally, I try my best to help the community by striving to improve, motivate and make happier, when I have the chance, the people around me. For this very reason, in 2019 I have founded Synapser, an organization born to help young locals get to their goals and develop useful skills.